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Why is everyone crying??

 So this morning it took me 90 minutes to get to work.  A commute that normally takes only 45.  It was due to a car that ran into... something, I don't know what.  The lady from the wrecked car was standing in the road crying.  I'm sure the accident was scary, but the car didn't look that bad.  Just a messed up bumper and a dent in the rear drivers side.  It was nothing to cry over, and it certainly wasn't anything to stand in the road about blocking more traffic.

First thing I had to do when I got to work was to tell this woman that her co-workers were terrified of working with her because of the poor way she treats people and that they are avoiding her at all costs and it's created an unworkable situation.  Which then lead to this middle aged woman hysterically sobbing.  It was awful.  I guess her teenage nephew had died in a terrible accident, which was horrible and devastating... but then she goes on to say that not one of her coworkers ever said boo to her about it, no one called to convey their condolences, and she is bawling through all of this.  It was awful.

I leave work and go to the grocery store.  I have to park underground and take the elevator up to the store.  I get on the elevator with a mother and her two young children.  (I'm gonna guess 2 and 4 yrs old).  They immediately rush to  push buttons on the elevator, the mother is frantically trying to stop them.  The elevator only goes to two floors, so it's not disasterous, but she'll grab one and the other will push the button for the floor we are on, causing the doors to reopen and we don't go anywhere.  Then she grabs the other and the first one runs and pushes the emergency call button causing confusion.  Eventually she grabs both kids, who then start crying.  Dude, if anyone deserved to cry, it was the poor mother.

I get on Omona to catch up on the gossip and while I am reading about how some mean person made poor Luna from f(x) cry (seriously) I suddenly hear a child screaming and wailing.  I have new neighbors in the building next door.  They have children (boo!)  Apparently one of them has suffered some tragedy because he has been crying his eyes out for the past 20 minutes.  Jeeze!  Our buildings are so close together he might as well be standing in the room with me.  Would it be rude if I went over there and asked them to close their windows while their child cries?  It might not be the best way to meet the neighbors.

Meanwhile I will think happy thoughts.  Tomorrow is gonna be all laughter, I can feel it.

All for the love of Kpop.

My decade long obsession with kpop has finally lead me to the full on world of fangirling. God help me I am too old for this.

Meanwhile, I'll need to figure out how to do this live journal thing.  Step one: how the hell do I add friends???



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